So Good Ep


For those who don’t know, NYC-based Luca Venezia, aka Drop the Lime, aka Curses, has been a mainstay of the US avant-dance/pre-EDM scene for a dozen years – he’s also a larger-than-life figure, a kind of dandy-cum-party animal-cum-womanizer, but that’s not quite the point here. Under his Drop the Lime guise, he produced wild breakbeat music and launched the infamous Trouble & Bass, known for its raw warehouse beats and rowdy spirit. Then he created the Curses alias, which he uses to make more focused, dancefloor-minded tracks, some of which were released by our former label Institubes in the late noughties. Marble is proud to offer you his first Curses installment in four years, and it’s called "So Good".

These two new tunes show the two opposite sides of Luca’s current musical identity.

The title track, So Good, is a 2013 take on early nineties house, complete with sun-drenched MIDI chords, deep kick and bass and a linear yet tense and hypnotic structure. Great warm-up tool or early morning downer.

Deep in the Night, recorded in Paris with the Marble crew is a disturbed cinematic track, coming with processed vocals, mental synths and the trademark "Ha" ballroom sound. Martial, nightly techno for the druggy hour : feel the pressure and get stronger.

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RELEASED : [07/01/13]
ARTWORK BY : Michael Willis