About Marble


As announced on March 16, Institubes is no longer.

And you know what ? Don’t be sad : Surkin, Para One and Bobmo are now launching a new label called Marble.

The set is Paris’ eleventh arrondissement, rue de la Folie Méricourt to be precise. A one-way street where sweaty Chinese wholesalers are continously loading and unloading clothes from their unparked vans, and where, in their recording studios, our three beloved producers churn out feverish dance tracks. Para One’s space is hot as fuck, and even if it’s cooler in Surkin’s and Bobmo’s, the heat is steadily coming from the monitoring speakers. Cigarettes are smoked and stubbed out in beer bottle caps, but don’t worry, these boys are pretty healthy and their cafeine-fuelled brains are perfectly working. Friends like Teki Latex, Club Cheval, Feadz or Jackson pass by, tricks and machines are swapped, and how about you doing a vocal for me buddy, or me remixing your latest track while waiting for my manager to come down for lunch, and also go check this new killer juke – or funky or ballroom or logobi – track by this guy I’d never heard of before. Marble won’t release music just by Para One, Surkin and Bobmo : quite a few other French producers are already working on upcoming stuff. That’s how things go, down there : an easy, friendly atmosphere with a hard-working spirit. The pleasure of making a good idea even better than you thought it could’ve been.

So musically this Marble shit isn’t just about a new specific subgenre or whatever, it’s more about meeting people and ideas, trying new stuff, maybe choosing more risky, extreme paths than before. This is about creating fresh ways to talk to bodies and emotions. Blending the rough and the tender, the repetitive and the crashing. Melting concrete with muslin, dirt with plexiglas. Defining a we-don’t-give-a-fuck-minded, cool maniac attitude to track making, and putting in the same musical capsule familiar, comforting feelings with unknown, estranged vibes. Never ignoring the complexity of life and music, but trying to make it also fun, attractive, exhilarating. Or maybe it’d be more correct to say Para, Surk and Bob want their new label to release brand new, eclectic yet idiosyncratic tracks that they’d love to play in a rammed club in Paris, L.A. or Tokyo. The first releases will include intricate space ballads, kevlar-plated riddims, sick percolating house, avant party breaks, emo-funky, Parisian ‘ardkore, and others things that might need new words to be described.

Welcome to the (two-thousand and) eleven-th.

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